Colony Square has 3 levels of parking underneath the center with 3 entrances: 15th Street Entrance: Turn down 15th from Peachtree. The first concrete driveway on the right goes into the garage. 14th Street Entrance: Turn down 14th from Peachtree. The first left goes into the parking garage. Peachtree Street Entrance: This entrance is directly off of Peachtree and also includes valet parking for an additional fee.

Once you enter the garage, we recommend going to a lower level if the first level appears full. Hint... there's always plenty of parking on the lowest level, the blue level. For the most convenient parking, park near the escalators, which are located in the center of each level. Ride the escalators to the top level and once you go outside, turn 180 degrees and you will see our patio.

Bring your parking ticket with you to receive a validation discount for your parking.